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Coast Electrical Solutions brings over 24 years of expertise throughout the electrical industry. We specialize in partnering with existing companies to fulfil the need of an Electrical Qualifier. Currently serving Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. We continually test in additional states to broaden our reach and provide our partners with the best footprint possible for ultimate success. Our commitment to excellence, combined with extensive experience, guarantees trustworthy and professional electrical services.

‌Regularly testing in additional states and continuing education for currently licensed states means that you can rest assured that as your Electrical Qualifier you will be sponsored by the most knowledgeable and safety oriented team available.

Partnership opportunities span across all aspects of the electrical field, including:

General Contractors

Home Remodelers

Real Estate Agents & Inspections


Low Voltage & Media

Dock Builders

HVAC Contractors

Home Standby Generator Installers


Pool & Water Feature Builders

And Many More! How Can We Help Your Business Grow?

Fully Licensed States

Our Services Are Available
Throughout United States

Coast Electrical Solutions proudly serves multiple regions across the United States. Our qualification ability is available in key locations such as Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri and Wisconsin. Being fully NASCLA certified means that we can easily add the states of Arizona, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Utah. Additional states can be tested and added at our customers request.


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